Clarity is Achieved for the World of Competitive Kiteboarding

As announced previously this year, the PKT (formerly PKRA and organiser of the VKWC) have been awarded the prestigious Special Event Status sanctioned by ISAF. This has now been further clarified, as the PKT has been granted the right to run a World Tour by ISAF. The Special Event Status is used for prestigious events such as Volvo Ocean Race, America’s Cup and the PWA Windsurfing World Tour and is awarded to events with a high profile commercial character. The World Tour has been keen to achieve such status since 2007 because it allows the flexibility that commercially run events require. With this ruling ISAF follows its experience from Windsurfing where the PWA tour runs successfully under ISAF Special Event Status.

The tradition and experience of running 15 years of PKRA kitesurfing events stays with the World Tour and the VKWC. The intention of the PKT/VKWC is to apply that experience and knowledge to improve the World Tour, all events and to assist the development of the kiteboarding industry as a whole.

We are glad to leave the chapter with IKA and the resulting confusion behind us and look forward to developing the future of the sport together with all stakeholders. IKA has no further jurisdictional power over the PKT World Tour which it is looking at a fascinating 2016 season with the traditional tour stops alongside new events.

The IKA has got the new right to run one-off World Championship events to crown a World Champion in their classes (IKA Formula kite, IKA TT Racing and IKA Open) at a single event. The official PKT World Tour and the single IKA World Championship events have been announced in a public statement by ISAF today ( The PKT wishes the IKA success for these single events. For the future and development of the sport, the PKT is always open to discussing a possible cooperation between the PKT World Tour and the single World Championship events managed by the IKA.

We would like to thank the riders, organisers and industry representatives who have shown their support throughout these turbulent last months, and we look forward to creating a magnificent 2016 season.

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