#Dakhla2015 wave discipline winner

Congratulations to the #VKWCDakhla2015 wave discipline winners Jalou Langeree and Keahi de Aboitiz! Both of them fought their way to the final where Jalou was able to win against Moona Whyte and Keahi managed to succeed against Pedro Henrique. The women’s podium was completed by Ines Correira on third place and Kari Schibevaag finishing fourth. Sebastian Ribiero became third on the men’s mini final after winning against Mitu Monteiro who finished fourth.

It has been a long day with beautiful wave and wind conditions – a good stat into the new Virgin Kitesurf World Championships. Competitors were happy to be able to ride at Oum Labouir – a famous wave location on the Atlantic coast of Dakhla’s peninsula. After qualifiers last week, competition took place with a full ladder of 24 strong male and 12 excellent female competitors. Here are the full results of both dingle eliminations:

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