Day 5 at the VKWC Fuerteventura

A challenging day for the riders today at the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships as the wind failed to arrive as had been forecasted. The Men’s Freestyle Elimination Quarter finals were all set to get underway, but unfortunately had to be called off after only one heat.
The day’s events were supposed to commence with heat number 25, Current World Champion Christophe Tack (BE/Liquid Force) against Dominican rider Posito Martinez (DR/Da Silva). However, due to an injury which he sustained two days ago, Posito was unable to compete, meaning Tack passed through to the Semi Finals automatically.

The following heat was a true battle seeing 1x World Champion Alex Pastor (ES/Airush) up against rival and 2x World Champion Youri Zoon (NL/Best). Youri commenced his heat well with a spectacular Back-side 317 and seemed to be ready to give it his all. However as the winds lightened slightly, Zoon struggled to maintain the same power and confidence with which he had started, and the advantage went to Pastor who managed to maintain good height and power, launching himself into an outstanding KGB5. The victory finally went to Pastor, who was delighted with his efforts as it is the first time this year that he has managed to beat the Dutch rider Zoon.

The wind unfortunately dropped over the course of the day, making it impossible to run the following heats, which will instead take place tomorrow. The pressure is now on for the final day, with the top rider’s hoping that Fuerteventura will produce the goods, and provide them with enough wind to complete both the Freestyle and Big Air events.

During the afternoon, the local spectators were invited to an autograph session with 9x World Champion Gisela Pulido, 1x World Champion Alex Pastor, 1x World Champion Bruna Kajiya,and Spanish rider of the moment, David Tonijuan.
It all boils down to the final day, to see who gets crowned winner at the VKWC on Fuerteventura! Stay tuned tomorrow with all the action starting from 9.30 am.

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