Day 6 at the VKWC in St. Peter Ording

The 5th day of the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup started today with the last rounds of the Freestyle Qualifiers in difficult choppy conditions but with slightly lighter winds than previous days, allowing riders to go out on their 9 to 12m kites. The beach of St. Peter Ording was once again filled with spectators all coming together to watch the top global kiteboarders put on a performance that was nothing short of exceptional. 

Advancing into the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships events for the remainder of the year we have 5 riders who had previously qualified in the first trials in Dakhla at the beginning of the season; Oswald Smith (NZ/Airush)Ariel Corniel (DR/Naish)Michael Schitzhofer (AU/Best)Patrick Blanc (ES/Ozone)Jerome Cloetens (BE/North) and three newcomers; Set Teixeira (BR/Airush)Anthar Racca (MEX/Airush) and Valentin Garat (FR/Best), in the men’s division.

On the women side, the four girls joining the top world kiteboarders in the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships events are Dioneia Viera (BR/GIN)Rita Arnaus (ES/Best)Therese Taabbel (DN/Cabrinha) and Kristin Oja (EE/North). All riders that managed to advance into the main event and gain their place in all the VKWC events for the rest of the season, were extremely happy, as it was a true battle to gain their deserved spots.

After a short break, the main Freestyle Event got started, with ideal wind conditions, somewhat lighter that what St. Peter Ording has been offering up for the last few days. Starting with the men, round 1 was fully completed with great wind condition for each heat.

To start the freestyle elimination in an explosive manner, Stefan Spiessberger (AT/North) did his signature grabs on an S-Mobe and KGB, beating french rider Val Garat (FR/Best) but not quite enough to beat 2x World Champion Youri Zoon (NL/Best).

David Tonijuan (ES/Cabrinha) showed some spectacular riding as a continuation of his great performance in the last VKWC stop in Fuerteventura. He landed a huge S-Mobe 5 off the kicker and an impressive Backside 315, allowing him to pass directly to round 3. 

5x World Champion Aaron Hadlow (GB/North) also did not fail to impress, throwing a truly powered Slim 7, allowing him to advance over his contenders.

The men who are advancing directly through to round 3 are Zoon, Hadlow, Tonijuan, Mario, Martinez, Tack, Pastor and Whaley.

The Women also came through with some impressive heats during the first round of the main event. Brazilian rider and former World Champion Bruna Kajiya (BR/Airush) was on form throwing a great S-Mobe in her heat, allowing her to advance over Hannah Whiteley (GB/Best)and Rita Arnaus (ES/Best).

Paula Novotna (CZ/North) had an unfortunate heat as she rode well but landed several of her heats outside the competition box as she struggled with the light wind, meaning they didn’t count towards her final score. Her competitor Annabel Van Westerop (AW/Cabrinha) put on a great display, performing a nice S-Mobe amongst other tricks, which gave her first place within her heat. Kristiin Oja (EE/North) also rode a strong heat, taking second place.

The girls who will be passing direclty to round three are Kajiya, Pulido, Van Westerop and Winkowska.
Tomorrow get ready to watch the World’s elite kiteboarders perform their best tricks and try to beat eachother to the top of the freestyle ladder. Rider’s meeting has been called for 8am, with the first possible start at 8.30 am.

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