Last Chance to Enter the GKA Distance Battle Aluula All-Time Big Air!

It’s your last chance to enter the GKA Distance Battle– Aluula All-Time Big Air!

The contest closes May 20th. Don’t miss your chance to enter. 

The concept is simple: anyone can submit a video from ANY TIME. Have a trick you filmed in 2011? Submit the clip. Have you been filming for King of the Air? Submit the clip. Have a video you happened to catch of Jesse Richman on Maui back in the day? Submit the clip (just kidding, why would you submit Jesse’s clip, submit your own!).  

Video clips will be screened by our team of the GKA Kite World Tour judges and split into disciplines: Twintip Big Air, Strapless Big Air and Hydrofoil Big Air. Each submitted video will be analyzed and scored by the same criteria. The top 10 best videos of all time per discipline will be presented during the GKA studio show. 

What are the disciplines?

Twiptip Big Air – Men

Twintip Big Air – Women

Strapless Big Air – Men and Women

Hydrofoil Big Air – Men and Women


The Fine Print:

• The submitted big air trick will be scored by GKA judges 

• Judges will evaluate clips based on height, airtime, technical difficulty, risk factor, and landing. 

• Video must include 5 seconds prior takeoff and 5 seconds after the landing.

• Video must be in FullHD 1080p quality.

• Filmed tricks can be recorded from any time in the past.

• Competitors can submit as many clips as they want. 


Video submissions end on May 20th, 2021. Top 10 riders per discipline will be announced on May 31st. Winner will receive a portion of the €5.000!


Let’s see what you got!

Entries can be submitted here!

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