The 2021 Youth Kite World Tour

For 2021, GKA is proud to host the Youth Freestyle and Kite-Surf World Tour. This new tour was brought to life to offer a stage for our young talent and upcoming riders.

The GKA’s mission is to continually foster the development of riders and provide opportunities for growth and the Youth Freestyle and Kite-Surf World Tour does just that. 

The purpose of the Youth Kite World Tour is to provide young competitors an arena to prove their skills through a series of international events. This enables them to get used to the competition formats and prepare them for the GKA Kite World Tour down the road.

For 2021, the Youth Kite World Tour will have one Kite-Surf event and three Freestyle events. 

We had to postpone events for the first half of the year. But now we’ll have them in the second half of the year. We look forward to seeing young competitors on the water in 2021!

The first planned event is the GKA Youth Freestyle World Cup Egypt, in El-Gouna. With warm, flat, shallow water this spot has previously played host to both Freestyle and Big-Air championships. The 2021 Youth Freestyle World Cup is set to happen July 6th-10th, 2021. 

The second event will be the GKA Youth Freestyle World Cup in Tarifa, Spain. Happening from August 27th-30th, 2021. Includes youth Kite-Surf and Freestyle. 

The final planned event is the GKA Youth Freestyle World Cup Saint-Peirre la-mer, in France. Some of the largest events in junior kitesurfing have been held at this location over the last decade and we’re hoping for an amazing turnout in 2021! Dates are September 16th-19th, 2021. 


Keep an eye on the events page for registration info and event updates. 


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