The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording gets Underway

St. Peter Ording gives a warm welcome to the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships and the entire kitesurf community, as the biggest kiteboarding event of the year gets underway! The sun was out and the weather was a pleasant 24 degrees for the inaugural day of the Pringles Kitesurf World Cup.

Rider registration took place yesterday from 2pm to 5pm, where top riders from all over the globe gathered together to sign up for the event. During this 5th event of the tour, we will have 125 riders participating from over 25 countries.

For the first slalom competition of the 2015 season, top-ranked Julien Kerneur, Florian Gruber, and Oliver Bridge are here to offer up some of the most high octain racing action around. To add even more fuel to the fire, female front-runners Katja Roose, Bibiana Magaji, and Steph Bridge are also in attendance and plan to make a strong showing.

The Freestyle event will consist of 62 men and 23 women. We look forward to an exciting week watching the newest riders battle through the qualification process for a place in the main event. During the opening ceremony, the current top ranked riders, Liam Whaley (ES/Cabrinha) and Karolina Winkoska (PL/Slingshot) were given their competition lycra infront of the large audience – with a unique green colour to recognise the two tour leaders throughout their heats. 

The event site is expecting to receive up to 200,000 spectators over the duration of the 10 days. With a large exhibition of kite industry members, it’s a chance for the the riders and the public to intermingle with all of their favourite brands. Today many of them offered autograph sessions with their top riders, a wonderful opportunity for people to meet and chat with their idols. 

The wind was unfortunately not strong enough on this first day to get started with the slalom elimination, but with a very promising forecast for tomorrow, the rider’s meeting has been called for 8.30 am with a first possible start at 9.30am. Stay tuned to follow all the action from us here at St. Peter Ording!

Pictures credit: Andre Magarao

The daily results, pictures and videos of the event will be uploaded on VKWC’s Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Facebook accounts. Follow us to be updated.

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